Party at Pops Choc Lit Shop!

Oh, my number one guilty pleasure. I refused to watch Riverdale when it first came out due to the reputation it got from people my age — one big cringe-fest. But, hello, I also was a “Gleek.” I am no stranger to addicting yet cringe-worthy TV. My family finally sat me down and had me watch season one over this last Christmas season, and the rest was history. 

In case you’ve been living under a rock, I’ll give a quick rundown of the show: extremely loosely based on the characters from the Archie comics, Riverdale is a seemingly quiet town that has been ravaged by murder and mystery… and teen romance. Season one follows the death of a student at Riverdale High — Cheryl’s twin sister, Jason. Season two takes a darker path as a masked killer named The Black Hood unleashes hell on the town, with innocent Betty Cooper as the main motivation for his acts.

And let’s be real — you’re either watching it for Cheryl, or for Jughead. And if you aren’t watching it at all… it’s probably also because of Jughead.

Related image

As you can probably tell from a previous post of mine, which detailed my family driving all the way to Atlanta to see Stranger Things filming locations, we dive all in to fandoms. So, for the mid-season finale as well as the season finale, my family turned our kitchen into Pop’s Chock Lit Shop!

As of today, we are one month out from new episodes! I thought I would detail my families Riverdale party in case you want to make your own Pops for the evening.

Now, most of the creativity goes to my sister. She had the idea to put red construction paper over the lights in our kitchen (with obvious regard for fire safety) to give us that eerie, impossible-to-see-in-front-of-you Pops vibe. It set the ambiance for the entire party, and I would not skip this step.

She also had the idea to print out fake articles from the Blue & Gold, the school newspaper that Jughead and Betty work on. The articles they write are way too heavy for a high school paper that gets passed out in homeroom but you know, to each their own.


But my favorite thing that she made, and another definite essential, were the character place cards. There’s four in my family, so she assigned each of us a member of the core four. We then had to insert character appropriate phrasing to our dinner.

Here’s what each card says:

Card 1 —

You are: Veronica

Make sure to mention something about Daddy-Kin’s business. “My father, Hiram Lodge, paid you to say that, right?”

Card 2 —

You are: Betty

Make sure to mention the Blue And Gold, and Polly.

Card 3 —

You are: Jughead

Make sure to make some sarcastic joke, or tell everyone that you’re a weirdo.

Card 4 —

You are: Archie

Make sure to mention something about your music.

These cards were part of the table setting, along with Pops “menus.” We opted for a black tablecloth, and then used dollar store old-school burger baskets to really get that vintage diner aesthetic. We also let Betty and Jughead join us.


We left it up to my dad to play the role of Pop Tate. The obvious choice of dinner for the evening: burgers! For our mid-season party, we also made a variety of milkshakes and used the vintage print paper straws pictured above.




I took to Google for some extra inspiration, and got ideas for our finale party from Torri Sunshine, who had the most adorable Riverdale party you could dream up. While she did a different backdrop than me and had props, I opted for the fun photobooth and the burger picks. I used an old tablecloth to make a Pops sign, and let our Funko Pops have fun in front of it.


Pro Tip: The Riverdale soundtrack is on Spotify, which makes for some easy and fun ambiance. I blast their modern cover of Sugar Sugar on a regular basis.’

One month isn’t terribly far. The chills that I get from watching the season 3 trailer should tide me over for now.

Happy guilty pleasure watching to all!


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